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Steve Sisgold

Steve Sisgold holds an M.A. in Communications, a B.S. in Business and Certifications in body-centered psychotherapy and relationship counseling. As an author he has helped thousands of people access their innate body intelligence to create better health, prosperity and richer and more authentic relationships.

Prior to being a successful leader in the self help arena, Steve applied the same principles he teaches now in the business world. He owned and directed a successful advertising and PR firm, was #1 of 500 salespeople in Konica Corporation, a top 20 sales leader with Shaklee Corp., and a breakthrough coach to best-selling self help authors and Grammy Award winning recording artists, business leaders and holistic practitioners.

Steve Sisgold has appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS TV and Oprah and Montel radio.

What does your website offer its visitors?

The opportunity to learn more about Body Intelligence and the benefits of how raising your BQ tm will help you create more success in your personal and professional life. Viewers will also be able to take a free BQ assessment test, receive a free audio exercise on Life's Purpose, read informative blogs and more.

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Tell us more about your book – ‘What’s your body telling you?’

What's Your Body Telling You

This step-by-step guide shows you how to unlock your body's innate intelligence, free your mind of negative thoughts, and map your path to greater satisfaction in every area of your life. You'll learn how your body Intelligence can help you:

  • Erase self-doubt and lower stress.
  • Uncover and change limited beliefs that run your life.
  • Make better decisions.
  • Improve your relationships.
  • Find your passion and purpose.
  • Boost your health and well-being.

Its user friendly, loaded with inspirational stories, self assessment exercises and techniques to use instantly.

Who inspired you to pursue a career in stress management and peak performance?

No one inspired me. When I was an Advertising Executive then a #1 of 500 sales representative with a Fortune 500 Company I noticed people's body language and the micro messages they were broadcasting and how that affected their performance. I started creating my own body centred approaches and also became certified in Body Centred Psychotherapy.

What can your coaching program offer an organisation?

I help leaders; teams etc use all of their intelligences, IQ, EQ and BQ to:

  • Recognize and overcome limiting beliefs and habits that may be sabotaging productivity and creativity.
  • Communicate more authentically and powerfully with self and others.
  • Learn how to relax more, stay engaged and react less in stressful situations.
  • Make choices with renewed confidence and create outcomes desired
  • Reclaim passion and purpose and align that with the business or organization's mission.
  • Have a no holding back cheer-leader and accountability coach for goals and commitments.

How do you become an inspirational leader?

Inspirational Leadership

You become an inspirational leader when you have full awareness of who you are and learn how to stay engaged, resilient and on purpose no matter what. So often we set out to inspire others but the logistics, the selling, the fixing and managing of business consumes us, and we don't take the time to reflect on our original purpose for being the leader of a team.

When the leader knows, embodies and expresses their purpose and self value-not just in theory, but as something real and vital it inspires and motivates others to follow. Purpose allows you to passionately engage with your self and others, keeps you on track and helps you choose where to put your focus.

Your purpose infuses your team with meaning and guides you to lead them through each challenge that may arise. Continue to explore who you are, what your value is and what is driving you to lead and that exploration will help you become an inspirational leader.

Can body language be used to increase the power of one’s presence?

Absolutely! Your body is always communicating and sending out signals and micro messages whether you are aware of it, or not. Most of us are only subliminally aware of the small or large mannerisms, facial expressions, physical gestures, and various postural cues that express through our body all the time. And yet other people see and are responding to all of those cues and expressions.

To embody an executive leadership presence its advantageous to be aware that your most decisive communication is what I call your body billboard which includes vocal tones, inflections, physical gestures, postures, involuntary movements, breathing, pacing of speech, and numerous other subtle and not-so subtle signals.

Its messages may completely contradict what you communicate to your team. That incongruence generally results in confusion, difficulty and self-sabotage. The messages we broadcast on our billboard can mean the difference between success and failure, engaging others to believe in and follow our lead.

Tell us more about your 6 part Whole Body Consciousness course.

In this highly interactive and instantly downloadable course, there is a blend of scientific research, interactive exercises and case studies. You will witness me working with people who took the live course, demonstrating my effective techniques to:

  • Identify and change self-sabotaging, “viral beliefs" that prevent creating what you want.
  • Recognize and overcome patterns and habits that take you away from your body intelligence.
  • Practicing body centred protocols to communicate more authentically and powerfully.
  • Energize your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual life force.
  • Learn how to relax more and react less in stressful situations.
  • Trust and make choices that are grounded and create outcomes you truly desire instead of repeating unconscious patterns that sabotage your efforts.

What have you got planned for the rest of 2012?

I am delivering keynote presentations and in house trainings in NYC, Tampa, Wash DC, Chicago and throughout CA, plus facilitating private intensives, phone and Skype sessions and swimming daily, plus writing, creating new products and expanding my program to training the trainers, so others can offer Whole Body Coaching and Body Intelligence in the workplace, their coaching or counselling practice.

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