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Robert Phipps is one of the UK’s best known body language experts. A renowned platform speaker and trainer Robert is in constant demand across both the media and the business world. He has written and commented for almost every national newspaper and magazine in the UK and has contributed to many trade specific journals both in The UK and abroad.

Some of his most prominent TV appearances have included being GMTV’s guest of the month through the UK general election campaign, being the resident body language expert on the Trisha Goddard show and featuring as an expert on Big Brother’s Little Brother. He has also been a guest on ABC News, Fox News and the Glenn Beck show, and was recently featured in Radio 4’s IN Business Programme.

What was your inspiration for your new book?

Haha, that's easy I was asked to by the publisher. I have been asked many times to write my own book and not just contribute to others but you need to dedicate time to writing and I wasn't prepared to do that on the basis it might get picked up by a publisher so I waited until one made me an offer to write it for them.

Are there more verbal, written or visual clues to deception?

This is an interesting question and in my opinion it depends on the person you're dealing with, some will give more verbal than visual and vice versa. Personally, I have never done any work in the area of written responses but you cannot separate verbal and visual as you need to hear the responses in order to be able to observe the visual element.

When it comes to flirting and dating, which body language clues are the most accurate indicator of attraction?

There are lots of attraction indicators and again some people will use lots of conscious signals while others will just respond unconsciously. Unconscious signals are the most reliable as the person has no way of overriding a natural instant response, pupil dilation.

What do ‘open’ gestures signify?

An openness to the people, environment, situation or conversation you're involved in at the time. It simply shows that someone is at least open in their thinking and are willing to listen before coming to any conclusions.

Who gave you inspiration to pursue a career in body language?

Allan Pease, Desmond Morris, Julius Fast as they were my starting points when I initially came to the subject some 28 yrs ago. There's a full explanation of my entry into the field in the back of my book simply called "The Back Story" it actually started with me lying at an interview and getting caught out instantly by the interviewer.

Are baselines needed in reading body language?

Yes it is without doubt better to have a baseline set of behaviours but not absolutely necessary there are lots of signals that are pretty universal.

What are your plans for the rest of 2012?

Later in the year I hope to be off to the US and Russia to promote the book and do some training, I hope to run at least one open public course and get some new videos out on the market.

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Body language matters. From getting a job to getting a pay rise, and from closing a deal to managing the people around you, it makes a big difference. Robert Phipps, one of the world's leading body language experts shows you how to make it work for you. Busting some of the biggest body language myths, Phipps shows how to read other people's body language and to use yours to succeed in business and life.

Loaded with practical tips, this book covers everything you ever need to know about body language, in a variety of business situations:

  • Greetings
  • Meetings
  • Partings
  • Presentations
  • Negotiations
  • Motivation
  • Deception
  • Managing
  • Interviewing
  • Disciplining

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Body Language: It's What You Don't Say That Matters

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