David Webb

David Webb has a first class honors degree in psychology and a Masters in Occupational psychology from the University of Sheffield (UK). For a number of years, he was a lecturer in psychology at the University of Huddersfield (UK).

In 2006 David began posting information relating to his teaching and research interests online resulting in the building of three pre-eminent educational websites which today receive over 4 million yearly page views.




David is interested in many aspects of psychology and as a result of his research activity he developed a particular interest in forensic psychology and forensic science. David has been involved in collaborative research with teams of forensic odontologists (dentists) in the UK, US and Canada.

Forensic odontologists carry out body identification work from dental remains at accident and crime scenes, and at mass casualty sites. For instance in the aftermath of a plane crash and most notably in recent years at The World Trade Center post 9/11.

The research he conducted was primarily to examine the emotional and psychological impact of this kind of work. In a completely different research project, he also explored the forensic implications of biting behavior within the context on a criminal investigation; given that bite-marks are often found on the victims of violent and sexual crime. If you would like to read some of David's published research you can do so via the following links.

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