Psychology Student Survival Guide

Psychology Student Guide

Based on my experiences as a student and then a lecturer in psychology and drawing on content from my psychology website, I've put together a survival guide for students.

In producing the guide I've kept one main thought in mind; namely, if I was to go through my education again - beginning when I first started considering studying the topic, right through to graduation and beyond - what information and resources would I most like to have at my disposal?

The primary aim of the guide, therefore, is to provide an easy to use online reference tool that psychology students can use to quickly locate the information they require.

Please note that although the guide was designed with psychology students in mind, it contains information and resources that students in general should find useful.

The Guide is currently available as a free app for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad; which you can access via the following link.

The Psych Student Survival Guide (App Version)

The original text (PDF) version of guide is also still available.

The Psych Student Survival Guide (PDF Version)

I'm delighted to announce that in conjunction with psychologist Michael Britt, work is about to start on an updated edition of the Psychology Student Survival Guide.

Benefits of the updated version of the guide will include:

  • New/revised content, information and resources.
  • A more interactive iPhone/iPad version (drawing on Apples's new iBooks Author software).
  • Also available on Android smartphones and tablets.

I sincerely hope you find find the psychology student survival guide useful and engaging.

All the very best

David Webb BSc (Hons), MSc

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