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Mark Bowden received his university degree in performance in the U.K. and studied the gesturecontrol methods of Jacques Lecoq’s Laboratory of Movement in Paris. He worked with some of the world’s most groundbreaking theatre companies, appearing in multi-award-winning stage and screen productions globally, and training internationally recognized actors and directors.

He has worked with leading practitioners of movement psychology and built upon the influence techniques of Dr. Milton Erickson. Mark is the creator of TruthPlane™, a unique model of training for anyone who has to communicate to an audience, and his techniques are now used by top executives and political leaders around the globe who want to gain an advantage beyond words when they speak.

Mark Bowden has a reputation for being one of the world’s expert performance trainers, and is highly sought after for his business presentation skills at such universities as international top 10 business school Schulich at York University, Rotman School of Business in Toronto and McGill in Montreal. His client list of leading business people, teams, and politicians currently includes presidents and CEOs of Fortune 50 companies and prime ministers of G8 powers.

What was the inspiration for your book Winning Body Language?

The publishers of Winning Body Language, McGraw Hill approached me saying that they were looking for an expert in human behavior to write a book on body language. However, I did not want to write just another body language book on “reading minds” by quickly judging a gesture.

My expertise is in how you can most powerfully influence and persuade others using the behavior you display. The inspiration for Winning Body Language was to write a book that had not been written yet - a book that would help anyone present themselves in a way that would instantly cause them stand out and win trust with the people that mattered to them.

Who influenced you to pursue a career in body language?

My first influences were as a child watching naturalists like Jacques Cousteau and Sir David Attenborough. Like them I was fascinated by the beauty and power of how nature uses movement to affect change. Their passion is a passion that I share today for helping people across the world clearly understand how things move physically and in turn move others emotionally and intellectually.

When going for a job interview, which body language gestures convey confidence?

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Place your hands in what I have called in Winning Body Language the TruthPlane™, the horizontal plane that extends 180 degrees out of your navel area, to display a sense that you can be trusted and that you are confident. Bringing the audience's unconscious attention to this vulnerable area of your body makes them feel that you are very confident. By assuming this physicality, you will feel confident too.

When it comes to personal space, how far away should one stand with someone you’ve never met before?

Of course this all depends on what behavior you are looking to elicit from them. There are no wrong gestures. There is only behavior that either gets you the result that you want or not. Of course the key is to know the behavior to choose in order to elicit the behavior you desire from others. This is what Winning Body Language and the company I founded, TruthPlane Inc. teaches.

When public speaking, what advice would you give someone so they make a lasting impression on their audience?

Again, I would need to know specifically what kind of impression that person is looking for the audience to get from them in order to give them the specific non-verbal behavior or body language to display. However for that impression to last I would be advising for the non-verbal communication to be extremely clear and consistent.

I would also be advising that the impression be reinforced frequently. Clarity, consistency and frequency will be your route to any impression lasting well after you have physically left the presence of an audience.

When dating, which body language tells are reliable indicators of interest?

Body Language Dating Advice Third Date

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A third date! Never underestimate the more conclusive power of making predictions about another’s intentions towards you based on behavioral patterns over time. Once is an event. Twice is a coincidence. Three times is a pattern.

What are your plans for the rest of 2012?

My second book Winning Body Language for Sales Professionals will be available in the autumn and so I will be speaking and training worldwide on how to best use body language to gain an unparalleled advantage when selling.

I am also writing my third book Tame the Primitive Brain - 28 ways in 28 days to manage the most impulsive behavior at work. This is to be published by Wiley in 2013 and will look at how to manage your own behavior in order to manage the most extreme behaviors of others. At the same time I continue to train leaders of fortune 500 companies, world political leaders in how to get their messages across in the most effective way.

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