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Here’s a body language tip you can use if you are a waiter or waitress anywhere in the world. Research has indicated that a waiter who occasionally touches the shoulder of their customers receives a larger tip than those who don’t touch. This is a clever use of what’s known as ‘haptics’ (Greek for ‘I touch’) – Where you consciously employ a slight physical connection between you and the customer to improve relations and service.

Another handy tip is when you introduce yourself to your guests – “Hi, I’m Craig, I’ll be your waiter today.” ask your customers what their names are. Then, when you bring them their food, use their names as you serve them their order. “Here you go Kat, here’s your Spaghetti Bolognaise”. When you return to your customers to check if they are enjoying their meal, give one of the party a slight shoulder touch. This silent display shows that you care about them being in the restaurant, and creates a welcoming bond. This gives the customer a feeling of importance, which is a feeling we all desire.

With the UK back in recession, and other countries about to follow suit, restaurants face an increasing struggle to keep new customers coming in. Using the body language techniques above will help with customer retention. The waiter and their employer are in a win-win situation. The waiter increases their chance of receiving a tip, and their employer will have happy customers, who will remember the ‘personal’ touch given to them, and will want to come back.

Remember, all people have an innate feeling to be important. If you give them this feeling, they will reward you with their loyalty.

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