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Great site. (Steve Smart, United States)

The information on this site is what I have longed to see on the web. Thank you for making it happen. Former student of social science, criminal justice, and psychology. Data is interesting and accurate. Researcher - former employee law enforcement. (N. Evangeline Lopez, United States)

Fantastic to have information, resources and key people on one website. I have been researching body language for the last five years and I have sometimes struggled to find credible resources. This website will be helpful and enable me to keep learning and continue to improve as a coach. Thank you. (Justine Ballard, United Kingdom)

Thank you so much. I'm getting better at this thanks to you! (Ismail Abouzeid, Egypt)

Yay! Love it! (Susan Gallacher, Ireland)

I love your website and youtube videos! I wish I would have had this years ago. Thanks for the helpful info and I look forward to learning more. (Jerre LaBanca, United States)

Craig and David, I congratulate you both on creating such a nice portal on body language and nonverbal communication. Today, I spent a couple of hours surfing through the different articles. Waiting for more valuable info in the future! (Sachchidanand Swami, India)

As an avid body language fan, this is a welcome discovery. Especially as I am about to conduct a study of body language in the presidential election of my country Kenya. Thanks. (Oliver Kiptum, Kenya)

This is great! I'm going to use it well. THANKS! (Daniel Eakin, United States)

I am so happy you are doing this website and wish you all the best! I am very interested in body language and doing some research into non-verbal communication. Maybe one day we will be able to collaborate by doing some interesting and profitable research together! (Lina, Lithuania)

Craig, I wish you much success with your new website! (Eric Goulard, France)

Exceptional website you have here Sirs. Certainly looks like I have a new hobby now. I particularly enjoyed the article on the Kick Boxing event. Best wishes. (Krish Kamatch, India)

I have learnt lots of things from your website. Thanks for the teaching, I'm a great fan of both of you. (Nouman Moid, United Arab Emirates)

I love this site, all the information is very interesting and helpful. It furthered my knowledge in regards gestures and body language. I'd love to be informed further about it in the future through this site. Thank You. (M.Faizan Khan, India)

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