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A very warm welcome to the body language articles section of the website. From here, you will be able to access a wonderful collection of free full-text body language related publications.

At the time of writing (May 2012) this exciting initiative is just getting underway. A number of excellent classic body language articles have already been selected for inclusion and will added shortly - so keep checking back for updates. Better still, keep right up-to-date by joining the body language information and resources mailing list - which you can do via the sign up form on the website homepage.

Latest Articles

Micro-Expression Recognition Training in Medical Students: A Pilot Study By Jennifer Endres & Anita Laidlaw (2009)

Micro-Expression Recognition Training

Patients provide emotional cues during consultations which may be verbal or non-verbal. Many studies focus on patient verbal cues as predictors of physicians' ability to recognize and address patient needs but this project focused on non-verbal cues in the form of facial micro-expressions.

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Good and Bad in the Hands of Politicians: Spontaneous Gestures during Positive and Negative Speech By Daniel Casasanto & Kyle Jasmin (2010)


Body language hand gesture article examining whether ‘body-specific’ associations of space and valence can be observed beyond the laboratory in spontaneous behavior.

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Judgments of Facial Expression and Suggestion By Herbert Langfeld (1918)

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Detecting Deception By Joe Navarro & John Schafer (2001)

Article on detecting deception co-authored by acclaimed nonverbal expert Joe Navarro when he was a special agent for the FBI.

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